Teaching with Learning Glass

Teaching with learning glass

Teaching with Technology

Innovation is paramount to creating a creative culture. I have used technology in the course of my professional and academic career. I am self-taught and utilize various programs including Adobe, Microsoft, PHP, MySQL as well as various host of industry related software.  I employ HTML5 and CSS3 when creating web pages.

I do feel that we overcomplicate the medium at times. Less is more. The simple delivery of content can deliver just as much impact as lots of bells and whistles. I look forward to learning something new every day in terms of applying technology in the classroom. Technology is a way of extending traditional communication. An example of this was presented to me by one of my accounting/finance undergraduate teams in their final project. They actually were able to acquire and develop a video of the building and their plans; a visual depiction of action. I’d like to incorporate such usage in the future of my teaching. I employ a ‘creative’ mark in the final grade of my projects. It is imperative that students realize as many interpretative perspectives as possible.